In 1954. Rev. Willhoyt, from Cleveland First Church of the Nazarene began holding afternoon services at Roosevelt School in Willowick.

Rev. Clinton Spencer 1957 -1961 First pastor of "Willowick Church of the Nazarene", the church was organized on January 12, 1958 with eight charter members.

Rev. Andrew Cone 1961 -1970 A church and parsonage on Sharp Avenue in Willoughby were purchased for $35,000 The hurch name was changed to "Willoughby Church ofthe Nazarene".

Rev. Robert Smith 1970 - 1975 During Pastor Smith's tenure, Lee Hedrick and Dave Anderson were each called by God into full-time christian service.

Rev. David Calvert 1975 - 1977 The Willoughby church was paid in full and the mortgage burned.

Rev. Phil Batten 1977 - 1984 Under Pastor Batten's leadership a new bus ministry was started, which continues today under the name "Heaven Train" Also, the old property was sold and our current facility built; dedicated on May 3, 1981. The church name was changed to "Willo-Lake Church of the Nazarene".

Rev. Glen Wooldridge 1985 -1989 Pastor Wooldridge's ministry was characterized as one of teaching.

Rev. Gene Thompson 1989 - 2003 Pastor Thompson began the ministry of Agapeland Daycare and added to the church building.

Rev. John Hobson 2003 - 2008 We are looking forward to a bright future together, filled with promise...

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